1996 Dodge Intrepid • 6 cylinder FWD Automatic •

I have a 96 dodge intrepid I need to know where the stereo wires go colors and speakers
March 28, 2011.

These colors are from a '97 Caravan but they should be the same for your car: Gray plug, starting away from the keyway: Pin 1 is not used
Brown / Red: LF speaker -
Dark Blue / Red: RF speaker -
Yellow / Black: tail lights (dims the display)
Orange: dash lights (tells the display how much to dim)
Red / White: 12 volts from ignition switch
Pink: 12 volts all the time (station preset memory and clock)

Black plug, starting away from keyway: Dark Green / Red: Power antenna / remote amp
Brown / Yellow: LR speaker +
Dark Blue / White: RR speaker +
Dark Green: LF speaker +
Violet: RF speaker +
Brown / Light Blue: LR speaker -
Dark Blue / Orange: RR speaker -

Mar 28, 2011.
Use the two plugs on the left. The big ones on the right are for the newer style plugs.

Mar 28, 2011.