1996 Citroen Xantia • 17,500 miles

Is this a difficult job? What tools do I need? Where are the plugs located, and are they easy to get to?

The car is missing out. I tried gasoline cleaner/additives. No change. It misses out when you come close to idling OR when you decrease speed to change gears.

Thanks in advance.
Sue Newquist Johansson
April 11, 2012.

The spark plugs screw in and out. They are easy to replace. However, make sure to gap the plugs and do not mix up the plug wires.

Replaced the plugs. Worked better for a couple of days, just missed out a little when I was on the highway and went into a higher gear. Now the problem is missing out more. When it idles, it is missing out some. The engine tone goes up and down. Not a complete missing out, but it seems that it is trying to miss out. It is not a steady idle. Also in 5th gear, the problem of it missing out is more profuse. Another condition where it misses out is when you have low speed and try to accelerate. What do you think it might be? One person suggested it might be a gas filter, but we called a repair place, and they did not think so. Is there any air filter that could cause this problem? No lights/indicators are on in any way. Thanks in advance for your response and the help you give others! Sue