1996 Chrysler Sebring • 104 miles

My 96 chrysler sebring has a stalling problem. It was reccomended I clean out the icv. Instead I replaced it. The stalling
is not as frequent but it still stalls at times. Could it be that some
how the knew one has developed a clogging also.
July 1, 2012.

They dont get clogged. The passage amy be carboned up so the air cannot be metered properly. That would be determined when the valve is out and you examine the passgae.
You did not mention a motor but the v-6 had issues with the distributors causing these issues.


The car is a lxi with a 2.5 engine. When you mentioned the distributor, do you mean the whole distributor assembly and what
kind of test could be run to determine if thats the problem.

Jul 1, 2012.
Yes, you cannot test it unless you can monitor the primary and secondary sides of the unit. That is done with a scope and scan tool. Beware of used and re man units as new are the sure thing if it is bad. It is pricy but will last a long time