1996 Chrysler Neon • 2WD Automatic •

I recently drove from bunbury WA to karratha WA in my 1996 chrysler neon and about 400km out of karratha my car started surging, its mainly at low revs, I have since taken it to a mecanic and had it serviced, and he couldnt see the problem, I have been told maybe its the fuel filter, but my car has a fuel accumilator, and its says on thhe part not to service the part. If any one has any ideas/ answers it would be very appreciated. : )
November 22, 2010.

The fuel up that way is renowned for being poor quality, (5 years in Port Hedland)i would be getting a fuel sample and checking for contaminants, start here, also a scan for any unresolved fault codes will not hurt.

Mark (mhpautos)

Nov 22, 2010.