1996 Chevrolet Monte Carlo • 197,000 miles

While I was driving on the highway, my engine light started blinking. There was no change in the way the car was acting, which was normal, until I got off the highway to a stop light. As I started to drive away, the exhaust sounded funky as if it was choking or had a leak of some sort. When I got to the house and parked it, I revved it and it sounded rough. I went back and felt the exhaust and it wasn't flowing smoothly, more like a puff puff puff puff type pattern. While sitting in the car I smelt something that wasn't normal but I can't describe it as anything more than kind of an abnormal smell. I threw the diagnostic tool on the OBD plug and came up with the P0300 code. From what my experience is telling me, is to check spark plugs and cables. Also as a bit of extra info, the spark plugs, cables, coil packs, and ignition module were all replaced last summer and only about 8,000 miles put on the car since then. Any further insight on a possibility for a solution, if it is not the spark plugs or the cables, would be greatly appreciated.
July 2, 2012.

At this point the throuble code scan is all you can do next.

Specifically, what information would you be looking for off of a trouble code scan? The only code I have is the P0300 but if you want more i'm not sure where to really start because it gives a lot of info that i'm not too sure how to interpret.

Jul 13, 2012.
As far as the process of elimination work for electrical work. First you just dont go out and buy every part until its fixed as you may be replacing a $350 PCM, when a cheaper control box or part could have fixed the PCM. Then there is time and making sure you don't leave out the details. As electronics fail intermitantly and so they either performa below specification or they fail on and off arbitrarlly. A higher quality scanner will pick up other function faults with more sensitivity in changes and more informative, Also, trouble codes can come up as electrical components get out of specification. However a good gauge could tell you if that circuit with the problem has an intermittantly failing part that the other scanner did not chatch.


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