1995 Toyota Camry • 280,000 miles

Long story short I just finished replacing the drive shafts, brake pads, rotors, and the right side caliper.
driving around it starts to make a loud screeching noise at slow speeds (0-25 mph), the sound is so loud that people cover their ears as I drive by.
the sound cuts out at speeds any faster than that.
the screeching noise isnt effected at all by the application of the brakes (pitch doesnt change nor does it make any grinding noises or get louder)
I tried changing the brake line as it was suggested to me that it may be a swolen brake line causing the pads to rub, but that had no effect. As well the tire doesnt heat up like the pads are rubbing. So currently I have no idea what it could be. Unless maybe I got bad pads, a bad rotor, or a bad caliper in the replacement parts.
any suggestions would be helpfull and much appreciated since this is my wifes car and I would love to make sure its safe to drive (as well as keeping the tickets away)
March 16, 2012.

Make sure the sensor isn't bent and touching the rotor. Also, make sure the rear backing plate isn't bent. Other than that, you should recheck your work.

Noted, ive had it appart double checking my work a couple times but it wont hurt to do it again. Thanks for the tip on the sensor and the backing plate. Ill give those a look.

Mar 17, 2012.
Let me know what you find.

Fixed it. : ) Thanks alot. Backing plate was bent at the very bottom where I couldnt see it with the rotor on (and apparently I overlooked the large groove being worn into it when I took it appart to troubleshoot the noise last time)
thanks for your help.

Mar 19, 2012.