1995 Toyota 4Runner

How to install rear axel seal on 1995 Toyta 4Runner 2 wheel drive
December 6, 2012.


1. Raise and support vehicle. Remove rear wheel and brake drum. Remove brake shoes from backing plate. Disconnect parking brake cable from backing plate.

2. Disconnect and plug brakeline at wheel cylinder. Remove backing plate-to-axle housing nuts. Remove rear axle shaft with backing plate from axle housing. Remove "O" ring from axle housing.

3. If replacing bearing and oil seal, remove snap ring from rear axle shaft. See Fig. 1. Using press, press rear axle shaft from backing plate. Remove retainer from rear axle shaft.

4. Remove oil seal from backing plate. Using press, press bearing from backing plate. Install nuts on serration bolts on backing plate. Using soft-faced hammer, tap serration bolts from backing plate. Remove bearing case from backing plate.

5. If replacing oil seal in axle housing, using slide hammer, pull oil seal from end of axle housing. Remove hub bolts and oil deflector and gasket from rear axle shaft (if necessary).

Dec 6, 2012.