1995 Oldsmobile Achieva • 149,000 miles

As I was entering the interstate I was acceleration to get on the car just died no indication of any troubel all dash lights were on tried to restart and it wont fire I checked the fuel rails and have plenty of fuel, I replaced the 3 ign packs and the plate assembly that the ign packs set on still no start. Can u please tell me what else to check?
March 10, 2013.

Is the fuel pressure within the manufacturer's specs? Are you getting a good hot spark to the plugs?

Iam not sure as to the actual fuel pressure all I know is I released the fuel and it went everywhere till it stopped and I didiit agatin to be sure the fuel pump ewas working, and as to the spark I was told that checking for spark with out a special tester would destroy the ign coils

Mar 10, 2013.
Go to our homepage and follow the directions for checking spark. As long as the plug is grounded, it won't hurt the coil.