1995 Mercedes Benz 300d

Engine Mechanical problem
1995 Mercedes Benz 300d 6 cyl Two Wheel Drive Automatic 215, 00 miles

I will have the oil changed in my E300 Diesel soon and I plan to switch to synthetic oil. Here in the Northeast, (CT), what is the proper oil viscosity for this power plant?
Bryan Soltys
November 10, 2010.

I will give you a little piece of advice, if you want to ruin your diesel go ahead and change to synthetic oil, but if you want your diesel to live for ever you will continue to run Delo 400 or Rotella 15W-40W

Dr Loot
Dec 11, 2011.
Ever since this type of oil was invented it didn't impressed me a bit, it does more bad than good

Dec 11, 2011.
Rasmataz. SMART!

Dr Loot
Dec 11, 2011.