1985 Mercedes Benz 300d

Engine Mechanical problem
1985 Mercedes Benz 300d Two Wheel Drive Automatic 356000 miles

I have a 5-cyl. Diesel engine. When I turn the key off, the car continues to run. I understand it is either a leak in a vacuum line, the vacuum pump, or the vacuum switch behind the dash.

Any tips on how to troubleshoot the problem? Diagrams that might be helpful? Etc.
November 8, 2010.

For check all of your vacuum lines make sure they are in good condition, the one on the back of the injection pump which goes up in two a T is a shut off, remove the line while the vehicle is running make sure there is vacuum there, if there is, take a hose attached to the injection pump and suck you should be able to kill it. Do that and report

Dr Loot
Dec 11, 2011.