1995 Honda Passport • 103,304 miles

My driver side brakes locked up on me on the way home, I slid 10 to 15 ft, put it n reverse and drove another 15 to 20 miles. When the brake pad on outside fell out on road. I changed the pads & caliper. Could it b the wheel bearings r should I change the rotor cause its still makeing noise more so on left hand turns
Kelly adams
February 7, 2013.

What condition is the rotor in? Is it glazed? HOW did the brake pad fall out?

The rotors not scarred up bad I just bought truck 2 weeks ago. I don, t know why r have I ever seen a brake pad fall out. I turned around and picked it up ichanged the caliper because brake fluid was comeing outside the piston when I tryed to c-clamp it back n

Kelly adams
Feb 7, 2013.
I have to be honest, in 30 years of working on cars, I have never seen a brake pad fall off. Someone didn't do a very good job. As far as your question, if the rotor is still in good condition, you may want to have it lightly cut to remove any glazing that is on it. That should quiet it.