1995 Honda Civic • 120,000 miles

While driving the car stops running and the engine stalls. The check engine light will go on then I'll hear a noise the check engine light will go off and car will restart. We have had fuel pump, timing belt, starter, radiator, alternator, ignition coil, distributor, thermostat, and 3 other belts replaced that I can remember. I can't figure why it would just stall now while driving. And it sounds like it wants to turn over but just doesn't. All lights and Gage's work and there is gas.
July 23, 2013.

Okay, for me to narrow this down, I need to know if you are getting proper fuel pressure to the engine and spark (a hot blue spark) to the plugs when it won't start. Check that and let me know what you find.

It looks like good spark but idk bout fuel pressure! Now it won't start or if it does it will no longer idle

Jul 23, 2013.
Check the fuel pump pressure. It sounds like that may be a problem. (I will assume the spark is a hot blue snapping spark)