1995 GMC Jimmy • 175,000 miles

My 95 GMC Jimmy V6 Automatic 2 WD, just started sounding like the transmission was skipping gears earlier this evening, and when I finally got to my destination and was ready to leave it didn't want to go into reverse, luckily where I was parked slightly elevated and it rolled back and I was able to put it into Drive and it drove forward fine but every time I came to a stop light and had to stop, when I accelerated, it sounded like it wasn't switching gears the way it should have and I noticed that the RPMS were going higher than normal then it felt like it would "catch" gear properly when I didn't force the gas and kinda let up off the gas pedal a little bit, and I was able to make it home (about 8 miles) from where the problem began. I am just wondering if it could be ANYTHING other than the transmission it self that could cause this?
December 7, 2012.

Sounds likek either the torque converter is bad or the torque converter solenoid is bad. Check the fluid level first.
Then take it to a tranmission repair specialist as regular repair shops are not equipped to work on automatic tranmissions.