1995 Chevrolet Monte Carlo • 53,000 miles

When I drive my car most of the time it will shift into overdrive but it will down shift and shift into overdrive erratically many times a minute. It has no other shifting problems. It doesnt rev way up and then shift also it doesnt shift hard either it is smooth. Can you please tell me what is wrong with it?
February 7, 2013.

It may have a shift solenoid problem. The best thing to do first is to have the trouble codes pulled to see if it is a solenoid. Any Advanace auto or Auto Zone will do this for free. If nothing comes up you may have an internal problem then. It could be the torque converter or the shift pack for overdrive. At that point I would suggest taking it to a transmission shop. Do not take it to a regular repair shop as it takes a lot of experience and knowledge and special tools to work on and diagnose an automatic transmission. You will save money by doing so. Do not go to an AAMCO though as they are overpriced.