1995 Chevrolet Blazer • 163,000 miles

Hi I got a 1995 blazer 4x4 with the 4.3. My blazer is running rich, and occasionally the fumes smell like sulfur, and at the tip of the exhaust its black. Its not smoking, the fumes just have a strong smell. The motor has a miss to it, and cranks over before it starts. And whenever it firsts starts, it misses really bad. I had the check engine light scanned, and it came up as incorrect purge flow. That was the only thing that showed up
95 4.3 chevy blazer
August 29, 2011.

You could have leak/ If the smoke out of the exhaust is oil smelling and black it is an internal oil. If it is white and has a sweet smell it is more than likely anti-freeze.

So, there is another seal that can leak into the cylinders and that is the valve seal. Either way it explains the symptoms and the misfire.
Pull a plug and see if it is black and sooty. A good running cylinder will have a tan-brown color.

The fumes are smelling like sulfur. And when I go to start it it cranks and finally starts it takes two times. Is there anything else it may be. Or is that other symptoms to something else. The tip of my exhaust is black but not smoking just strong sulfur smell. Thanks.

95 4.3 chevy blazer
Aug 29, 2011.
You have backfire which s a rich air/fuel ratio, (too much fuel). There is a diagnostic walk through link below.. Since you are having a rich backfire, the exhaust symptoms fit the symptom.
There are enough issues to check that I thought this would be best as it is very thorough.

Below is the URL for the walk through;