1994 Toyota Camry • 300,000 miles

Starts great when cold but when it is hot
The first time the motor turns over it cranks
For about 15 seconds then you have to try at least
15 Times them cranks and runs great
January 8, 2013.

Is it easier to start when the accelerator pedal is slightly depressed?
What is the idling speed when engine is warm?
Is the Malfunction Indicator Light showing?
Have you checked the spark plugs and related components?

Jan 8, 2013.
You do not depress the accelerator when starting FI Camry. Depressing the pedal; hinders vehicle starting.

OBD1 Toyota's don't code very well.

From a recent experience - I would suggest the Mass AirFlow Sensor.

This malfunctioning unit produced EXACTLY the same symptoms as your description in my 88 Camry.

However - there are NUMEROUS interrelated sensors and info which the computer requires. And the computer controls the spark, timing, injectors, etc. It could even be the Fuel Pump.

There are a ton of various items which it could be. You could obtain a FACTORY manual from a used manual online place; (like 'books4cars. Com' example). A FACTORY manual has only info directly related to your vehicle; and diagnostic charts, suggestions, etc. Very helpful. With one of those, and a VOM - you can figure out a lot.

Also - it is only about $136 total including taxes and shop towels - for a dealer to Diagnose the problem. This can save you a lot of time and money. Then you can do the work yourself if desired. They TELL you what the problem is.

Just make sure that they also tighten everything back up. Sometimes the mechanics think they are also going to do the actual repair work; and so re-tightening water sensors or such - is 'forgotten'. Had it happen to yours truly.

Feb 1, 2013.