1994 Pontiac Grand Prix • 188,000 miles

I justt changed both head gaskets, intake gaskets, Temp sender, and thermostat. Bled the air out of the system, and test drove it. The temp guage shows 180 degrees when driving and increases to 210 when idling. I flushed out the radiator with a garden hose while I had it out. What do you think would cause this temperature fluctuation?
Jay Davis
February 6, 2012.

Less air across the radiator. That's normal. More airflow means more cooling. Less airflow means less cooling. Simple physics.

Feb 6, 2012.
Could be the water pump impeller worned out

Feb 6, 2012.
I have a 99 pontiac grand prix the gas gauge fluxuates bad everytime I turn corners and slowly comes back to what the actual amount of gas is in the car should I look at changing the fuel float

Mar 14, 2012.
No. As you turn corners, the gas moves to one side or the other. With the float for the sending unit aligned closer to one side of the tank than the other, as the fuel sloshes, the float level will go up and down, causing the gauge to indicate incorrectly for a few seconds.

Mar 14, 2012.