1994 Pontiac Firebird

My cousin recently got my 94 LT 1 6speed firebird/trans am stuck in snow now its stuck in 4th gear shifter moves but not engaging know its not the clutch cause it still starts without stalling checked tranny fluid was bone dry filled fluid then tried went out of 4th then got stuck again they said it might b linkages or might need tranny filter n flush do I rebuild tranny plz help thanks?
December 9, 2012.

Where did all the fluid go?I have seen people put holes in the transmissions from being stuck in the snow spinning the tires then something inside breaks and puts a hole in the transmission. Damage done from no fluid. Most likely has to be removed and re built.

You'll have to take the shifter out and check to see if the linkage is hung up, normally a large screwdriver can fix it to where they are all in neutral and then go from there. Although being dry in trans is not good so it may take bearing/or synchro out.

Dec 9, 2012.