1994 Mazda b2300 • 168,000 miles

My fuel gauge is not working proper. It appears to register when key is off, but when you turn on the ignition, it goes to empty
January 6, 2012.

Have the fuel sending unit in the fuel tank checked and tested

Jan 6, 2012.
I had a similar problem, gauge was all over the place. Full, half, empty etc with the same level. Had gas tank off to replace brake line and tested sending unit. It appeared to be working fine and put it back in. Found that the slosh module that plugs into the dash was the culprit. I was able to by-pass it with a paper clip and some thin plastic used as an insulator. Paper clip was placed between the sending units in-put connection point on the ribbon cable & the out to fuel gauge connection on the ribbon cable & plastic between slosh module power/ground input from dash ribbon connector. Only side effect of doing this is gas gauge moves with the waves of the gas level (the way they used to in the old days before slosh modules). I bypassed it because my local parts store does not carry them and did not want to go to dealer and pay $$$ for one.

Jun 22, 2012.
Remove the tank and test the resister on the tank unit. As u move the float back and forth test the resistance.

Jun 22, 2012.