1994 Lexus LS 400 • 115,016 miles

Crank, no start- replaced egr pipe for rot out and ran great. Parked outside for the weekend now cranks but no start. Check engine light is on 100% of time, key in or out, air bag light is now on as well. Checked fuel pressure- 39psi but needed to jump it on underhood dlc to get pump to come up. Spark is good, crankk sensor is ok, wires as well. No fuel injector pulses. Possible ecm or ignition? Battery is dying constantly, related to ses light on dash. Ruled out cam sensor as spark plugs are firing but I'mat a loss at this point and Lexus has me running in circles.
SA Wms
December 5, 2012.

Cam sensors are for the fuel injectors, while crank sensor is for the ignition sparks.
Pump not running is due to power supply failure and the EGR is not the cause of the initial non starting. If fuel pump is manually turnewd on, does engine start? Did you try starting fluid? The fuel injectors could be not pulsing.

Dec 5, 2012.
What are the trouble codes present?

Dec 5, 2012.