1994 Honda Civic • 4 cylinder FWD Automatic • 250,000 miles

1994 Honda Civic EX w/ABS. After replacing brake pads, MC (bench bled) and Booster, brake pedal has good steady pressure until the engine is started, then pedal goes to the floor. Brakes were bled numerous times per Honda procedure(RR, LF, LR, RF), using both conventional method and with a hand held vacuum bleeder. Fluid level good. Booster is getting vacuum. MC holds pressure. No visible leaks. Can this issue be related to the ABS system? A bad caliper (no visible leaking)? Vehicle was dormant for about 1 year. During previous use, ABS system required fluid.
May 2, 2011.

Symptoms indicates the problem is due to the ABS master pump. When the pump is ubnable to hold pressure, the brake pedal would sink to the floor when depressed with ehgnine running.

Remove the ABS relay and use a fused jumper wire to bridge the 2 larger terminals to activate the pump to see if the pump motor works. If it is seized, the pump would have to be replaced. Since the pump requires, it most probably needs to be replaced sooner or later.

May 2, 2011.
Where the calipers completely removed from the car at any time?

May 2, 2011.
Hey im having the same problem on my 1994 honda civic cx. I just bought it, it had a bad cv axle and caliper. Replaced them both and now I have very little brake pressure when I start the car. Before I start the car the pedal feels good and firm from bleeding it and once u start it, it looses alot of pressure. I can still stop but it comes close to hitting the floor by the time it starts to stop. I dont remember if I said abs cv axle or not does that make a difference? Any info would be great

Jul 30, 2012.