1994 Ford Ranger

Hi I have a 1994 Ford ranger with a 4.0 and a automatic transmission I have a problem with stalling when it's hot outside it will stall it drives great when droved for a while it just stalls it only happens of the heat of the day I live in Texas let cool down for a while it starts up and drives great it acts like it don't have any power to keep it running please help I had it check but they didn't find anything wrong with it and didn't act up with them the fuel pressure is in specs but I don't know what's wrong please help me
July 11, 2012.

It sounds like the base idle needs to be set and the iac valve replaced. Have it checked to verify


Jul 11, 2012.
When will it stall? Whan coming to a light or when idling or under lode

Jul 12, 2012.
When I driving and idling it stall one time I was at the light also when driving it felt like it going to stall when I on the gas pedal it won't go when I bring it to a stop the runs and dies I tried to start it turn over and it dies again if I let it cool down for a bit it turns over and starting drive it drives ok and it stalls again like the previous action please help

Jul 12, 2012.