1994 Ford Ranger • 200,000 miles

When the vehicle gets warm it starts dying at stops, when taking off after it gets warm you have to give it alot more gas and until it levels out it pops. I have replaced the thermostat, water pump, exhaust system, spark plugs and wires, fuel relay and the fuel regulator.
September 12, 2013.

What engine does your Ranger have? In the title it says overheating. Does it still over heat after what you've replaced?

Ty Anderson
Sep 12, 2013.
It has the 4.0 and yes it is still overheating after everything that I have replaced. Hoping that someone has an answer for my. I am running out of ideas.

Sep 13, 2013.
I've found a technical service bulletin on overheating, well what looks like overheating. The bulletin addresses a new gauge and temperature sensor (faulty sensor has "A3" stamped on the temp sensor). It states the sensor and gauge characteristics can create sensitive gauge indication ( like what appears to be overheating). It could be overheating so you may need to verify it really is overheating with an infrared thermometer at the temp sensor area.
The bulletin reference number is 95-18-5 "temp gauge fluctuating/inaccurate high readings".

How does the engine run when it is cold? Does it run much better or normal? But when it warms up it starts to stall and create popping noises?

Ty Anderson
Sep 14, 2013.