1994 Ford Ranger

Hi I have a question about my pcm what's the symptoms of a bad pcm I have a 1994 Ford ranger with a 4.0 and a automatic transmission and 2wd I run a code reader the key on pass I got continue codes sorry for my writing the codes are 122,157,543 I need to know why these codes showing up on continue codes also is a a4ld a full computerized transmission or not because I had my transmission replaced they said my pcm cause my transmission to go out they said someone jumped my vehicle cause it my truck runs great now I need your help about my question on pcm?
September 17, 2012.

A4ld is not a fully computerized trans.

Jump my vehicle? Please explain

ecm will not cause the trans to fail. What is the issue with the trans?


Sep 17, 2012.
To ASEMaster6371 jumping my vehicle means someone before me jump start the truck to start it my transmission question is before I had my transmission replaced or repair it immediately dies when put in gear and now it runs and drive great. Now the question about the pcm a mechanic said the pcm caused my transmission problem my code reader I bought I run a code reader on the system it pass on the o few seconds a 10 appear and I got codes 122,157,543 from c. The letters is from a code reader for Ford obd1 digital reader

Sep 17, 2012.