1994 Ford F-150 • 200,000 miles

The tuck will not accelerate --- seem to back-fire thru the carb -- then suddenly picks up and runs fine until I decelerate.

Also If I press hard on the accelerator sometimes it will pick up and run ok. But not always. It could slow down to 10 mph.

I am not sure if the problem is fuel or some censor.

I have been unable to read the codes by jumping STO to STI.
December 2, 2012.

Is the check engine light on?

Did you check the fuel pressure?

We need the motor size


1. The check engine light comes on and off

2 No I have not checked the fuel pressure. I don't know how to do that.
3. 5 liter 8 cy engine

Dec 2, 2012.
Try unpluging the mass air flow sensor and see how it runs. It is the sensor located in the air intake tube between the air filter box and the throttle body. Let us know what happens when you unplug it and drive it.

Dec 2, 2012.
We need the code

we need the fuel pressure. You can rent a gauge from a parts store


I disconnected the Mass Air Flow sensor. It did not seem to backfire anymore thru the carb And ran ok-- though with hesitation.

I also managed to read the codes: 1. They seem to be 3 slow flashes, -- twice.
3. Then one flash
4. Then 1 flash
5. Then 5 flashes (rapid)
6. Then 7 flashes (rapid)

7 then two the flashes
8. Then 1 flash
9. Then two flashes
10. 1 flashes
11. 5 flashes
12. 7 flashes (rapid)
13. 2 flashes (rapid)
14. 1 flashes
15. 2 flash

Fuel Pressure: They did not have the tool. I can borrow it tomorrow in the morning.(May be from another branch).

I hope this is something to go by.

Thanx so much.


Dec 2, 2012.
Those codes are all over the board, I still have to suggest that you take it to a shop for diagnosis, I do not want to see you waste anymore money than you already have. Abnd in a situation like this there is just to much going on to be able to diagnose it over the web. Thanks for choosing us to help you.

Dec 2, 2012.