1994 Dodge Van • 270,000 miles

I have a problem that I'm not sure how to describe. I do head work, but I'm not much of a tuner when it comes to the newer electronic control systems. About a year ago, I had to pull the heads off of my father's 5.2 Magnum and rebuild them. During the rebuild I read here that the distributor should NOT be moved because it synchronizes the fuel injectors and it would have to be put on a "BRDr" machine to re-calibrate the control module. I told my father this. He changed the distributor anyway. Now it is hard to start, and the engine kicks the starter back while it's cranking over. I'm sure the teeth are shearing off. When it does finally start, it does seem to sound good, but it's very thirsty; it's only getting about 12-14 MPG.

Is there some way to re-set the ignition and fuel system without this "BRDr" machine? There are no marks on the harmonic balancer to put a timing light on it, so I have no idea where the distributor is set. Any suggestions? TIA.

November 2, 2013.

You are referring to the DRB which is the Chrysler factory scan tool. There are many aftermarket scan tools that can do that for you. You just have to turn the distributor to synchronize the distributor with the crank sensor.

Nov 2, 2013.
Thank you! I'm sorry this reply took so long.

May 20, 2014.