1994 Dodge Intrepid • 6 cylinder FWD Automatic • 215,000 miles

Have the alarm going off. Again. Have key fob, and have put new battery in it. How do I make it work? Or how do I turn off alarm? Need both. Thanks.
George wise
February 20, 2011.



1. Remove upper center bezel from instrument panel and locate traction control Black connector.
See Fig. 1. Disconnect connector. Turn ignition switch to ON position.
2. Ground connector terminal No. 4. See Fig. 2. Door locks will lock and unlock to indicate that
system is ready to receive codes. Trunk solenoid will not cycle at this time. Press any button on
transmitter to set code. Locks will cycle to confirm programming.
3. If a second transmitter is used, it must be set at this time. Press any button on second
transmitter and wait for locks to cycle. Disconnect program line from ground. This returns
system to normal operation. Replace upper center bezel to instrument panel.

Feb 20, 2011.
It not have the traction control switch. Mainly need to just turn off alarm and drive car. Wife has it stranded in Ohio and I am in Cali. She has tried turning key back and forth in both locks. Is there a certain order to doing this? She had car battery disconnected all night and that didn't reset it. Not sure what to do about it. Thanks

George wise
Feb 20, 2011.

The Vehicle Theft Security System (VTSS) module is located behind glove box. VTSS monitors
vehicle doors, hood, trunk key cylinder and ignition for unauthorized operation/entry. When alarm is
triggered, the horn will sound for 3 minutes and the parking lights will flash for 15-18 minutes.
When an unauthorized entry into vehicle occurs, the VTSS module signals Powertrain Control
Module (PCM) via CCD bus that it is not okay to start the engine. The PCM then "zeros out" the
pulse width of the fuel injectors, thus preventing the engine from starting (start/stall condition). The
engine will NOT start until VTSS is disarmed.
Initialization & Verification

An initialization procedure, included in VTSS, requires that vehicle record 20 engine cranking cycles
before allowing VTSS module to function. For this reason, VTSS requires verification. To verify
VTSS, perform the following: Open driver's door (all others closed). Remove ignition key. Lock
doors with power door lock switch. Close driver's door. If VTSS SET light flashes, system is armed
and operational. If VTSS SET light does not flash, 20 engine cranking cycles have not occurred or
there is a problem with VTSS.
Manual Override Mode & Tamper Alert Mode

The VTSS will not arm if the doors are locked using the key or the manual lock control (manual
override mode). If horn sounds 3 times when either front door is unlocked, the alarm was
activated/triggered (tamper alert mode).

Feb 21, 2011.