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The key fob is one of the most convenient accessories ever devised by car manufacturers. A remote can perform many functions such as lock and unlock car doors, start the engine, roll up windows and much more. When a key fob is lost or becomes out of sync with the car receiver module reprogramming is necessary. In the past dealers have made you come in so they could perform their "magic", but now we have listed these procedures below:

Key Remote Fob
Key Remote Fob (appearance will vary)


  • Ignition switch to "run" position, try to start and let key return to "run" position

  • Approx ten minutes security light will go off

  • Turn key "off" and wait 5 seconds

  • Repeat 2 more times for a total of 3 relearns.

  • Turn key off, then start it


  • Enter permanent factory code

  • Press the 1/2 button within 5 seconds to enter programming mode

  • Within 5 seconds enter new code, doors will lock, unlock to verify code, this erases previous codes remotes will also need to be programmed.


  • Insert key, turn ignition off-to- on eight times in succession, ending with key in on position doors will lock, unlock to verify in programming mode

  • Press any button on new remote, doors will lock, unlock to verify

  • Do the previous step with the second remote, doors will lock unlock to verify.

  • Turn ignition switch off. Doors will again lock, unlock to verify.


  • Turn ignition switch "on" for at least 6 seconds.

  • Locate DLC (diagnostic connector) near right side of steering column.

  • Install jumper wire from pin #13 (orange wire, labels are small but they are on connector, use flashlight) to ground.

  • Turn the key on, engine off. Observe shift select buttons. If they all blink once at the same time there are no trouble codes.

  • Otherwise the light will blink (codes are 1-4 flashes) with a 3 second delay between codes if there are more than 1.

  • Run the codes if any are present repair as needed..


  • Erase the sliding door trouble codes by removing the # 13 (7.5) fuse from the passenger's under-dash fuse box for 10 seconds.

  • Then put the fuse back in.

  • Turn off the main door switch; make sure that the ignition switch is off.

  • Manually open the sliding door and make sure it's fully open.

  • Turn the ignition switch on, then turn on the door switch.

  • Push and hold the CLOSE side of the dashboard door switch for that door until the door is fully closed.

  • Try the door operation with the dashboard door switch, the remote and the door handles.

If further technical assistance is needed, our certified car repair technicians are ready to answer your car questions. If your key fob is not motioned here please go to our car repair manual page for further instructions.

Common Problems:

  • Make sure the key fob remote has a new battery
  • Moisture can hinder the remote control system operation
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Article first published (Updated 2013-08-16)