1994 Chrysler LHS • 6 cylinder FWD Automatic • 96,000 miles

i just installed an aftermarket hid kits; 9007 bi-xenon and h3 on a too-well taken care of 94 chrysler lhs. The 9007 uses a relay harness in which I manually grounded. The h3 uses the stock power/ground. The lights seem to work fine when my car's engine is off, and when I turn them on when the car is in park. But immediately when I turn either on when I am driving, my car's speedometer goes bizerk and my brakes engage for a second or two(no rpm abnormality). I do not feel safe turning on my lights when I am driving. My battery is brand new. Had no previous problems with my halogen bulbs except that they were useless. Dont believe my grounding is at fault for the h3 behaves the same way and uses the stock harness. Plz help
January 28, 2011.

I think is has to do with the ground. Try running a ground directly to the battery.

Well that is what I originally thought but as I stated, this abnormality occurs with both the original stock ground and my modified ground. My abs light is always on and I cannot control my traction control switch. I have been told it is only a sensor but recent winter storm driving have convinced me that they are not engaged. I have talked to a chrysler electrical engineer who designed the components of my car and he is 99% sure that my ignition switch is at fault for my electrical problems. I will try to post when I replace it to confirm it.

Mar 20, 2011.
It could be the switch. Let me know.