1994 BMW 316 • 260,000 miles

Left electrical door screen had broken in center of arms. Now welded and set back. But the screen will not go up fully in the door list, what has a U-form. I tried to lift it up the screen and screw the 4 scews back ( before it was pop-nited). But still it will not go upp in the U -list enough. What result in that the micro breaker in the door givs no possiblities to look the door.
Is it some idea that I need to remove cables from battery to get the right signals from the data-box?
March 15, 2013.

Reinitialize the windows. Start the car and tap the button for that window all the way down and hold the button for 20 secs in the down position, then try raising the window, it should express up

Dr. Hagerty
Mar 16, 2013.