1994 Acura Legend • 124,000 miles

Engine temp starts to rise when I am on the hwy and I start to go up a grade. I turn on the heater and the temp drops. When I return to level hwy temp stays normal. In stop and go traffic the temp stays normal. Without the heater on car would overheat if the grade were long enough. Also the cooling fans come on when I start the car and remain on until the car is shut off. I know this isnt right whats wrong
Big beano
October 31, 2012.

Check thermastat sounds if sticking feel hoses to radiator both should be about same temp radiador could be clogged if you got a non contact thermometer see if temp thru out radiator is same temp if different reading radiator is clogged replace check hoses to see if soft old hoses collapse and as you give it more gas they strain and cut off ciculation they should be replaced once a year and are you losing any antifreeze

Brien p
Oct 31, 2012.
I believe the cooling efficiency is p[oor and since problem occurs at high speed driving, apart from a partially stuck thermostat, you need to have the radiator checked. It most probably is partially clogged.

Oct 31, 2012.