1993 Toyota Camry • 220,000 miles

Could the Egr Gas Temprature Sensor be a magor contributer to the rough idling problem on my 1993 camry v6 Le? I checked the sensors cold and hot resistance and they were far out of tolerance according to the handbook specs. The egr valve checked ok with vacuum applied. Please explain the sensor function in connection to the Egr Valve.I would deeply appreciate your proffessional explanation and guidance. Thanks a lot! Max
Max higa
June 25, 2013.

Yes, the EGR can affect idling and vehicle performance.

If the EGR remains open when it should not, one cylinder would be misfiring as the exhaust gases would be redirtected to the manifold and that would mean that cylinder is not getting the correct vacuum.

Jun 26, 2013.