1993 Mercury Tracer • 225,000 miles

I have a '93 Mercury Tracer LTS, 5 speed, with power windows and sunroof. My windows wont work, wont blow air whether if I have the a/c on or heat on, and my windshield wipers wont work as well. But if I turn the a/c on, I can hear the compressor kick in. None of it makes sense to me, and Im a mechanic myself, but can figure out what it could be. I would like to get other's opinions before I buy those parts to see if that fixes it. I tried running a hot wire to both the windshield wipers and the blower motor, and nothing. One day, it did that to me, and I had left the neg battery clamp off overnight, and it started working again. Stayed that way till summer, and it did it again and wont work again no matter what I do.
October 20, 2012.

Check the blower resistor and the blower motor. One or both may be failing.

Check the master switch for power to verify there are commands to the window motors.


Oct 20, 2012.