1993 Honda Accord • 150,000 miles

Here it is my honda with start and idles great but it wont rev at all. Why is this? Like its ignoring accelerator pedal. Dont die when given gas wont do anything at all but idle. When put in gear it wont move nothing just idle
April 2, 2013.

Do you have a check engine light? It could be your MAP sensor or throttle positioning sensor.

Apr 3, 2013.
Yes the check engine light is on. Would this narrow it down to one or the other?

Apr 3, 2013.
Take it to a local auto parts store and they can cell you why the check engine light is on. This will direct you to know where to at least start looking for the problem.

Apr 3, 2013.
It won't go to a parts store. It don't move cause it don't rev at all just idle.

Apr 3, 2013.
It just idles. It won't rev at all. So it won't move

Apr 3, 2013.
Based on the blinks the light gives, this is what system is failing.

Code 0 and 11 Electronic Control Module (ECM)
Code1 Heated oxygen sensor A
Code 2 Oxygen content B
Code 3 and 5 Manifold Absolute Pressure
Code 4 Crank position sensor
Code 6 Engine coolant temperature
Code 7 Throttle position sensor
Code 8 Top dead center sensor
Code 9 No.1 cylinder position sensor
Code 10 Intake air temperature sensor
Code 12 Exhaust recirculation system
Code 13 Barometric pressure sensor
Code 14 Idle air control valve or bad ECM
Code 15 Ignition output signal
Code 16 Fuel Injector
Code 17 Vehicle speed sensor
Code 19 A/T lock-up control solenoid
Code 20 Electric load detector
Code 21 V-TEC control solenoid
Code 22 V-TEC pressure solenoid
Code 23 Knock sensor
Code 30 A/T FI signal A
Code 30 A/T FI signal B
Code 41 Heated oxygen sensor heater
Code 43 Fuel supply system
Code 45 Fuel supply metering
Code 48 Heated oxygen sensor
Code 61 Front heated oxygen sensor
Code 63 Rear heated oxygen sensor
Code 65 Rear heated oxygen sensor heater
Code 67 Catalytic converter system
Code 70 Automatic transaxle
Code 71 Misfire detected cylinder 1
Code 72 Misfire detected cylinder 2
Code 73 Misfire detected cylinder 3
Code 74 Misfire detected cylinder 4
Code 75 Misfire detected cylinder 5
Code 76 Misfire detected cylinder 6
Code 80 Exhaust recirculation system
Code 86 Coolant temperature
Code 92 Evaporative emission control system

Apr 3, 2013.
There is no code for map?

Apr 3, 2013.
Code 3 & 5. What codes did you pull?

Apr 3, 2013.
I haven't I was going to look to buy the car honestly and trying to figure out wat part to bring with me.

Apr 4, 2013.