1993 Geo Metro • 2WD Manual • 1,060,000 miles

HELP! I'm a 61 year old single parent with no knowledge of why or why not my POS is so f---ed up. IMy 14 year old daughter suffered a life threatening illness and I lost everything but my job(my Yaris repossessed) I bought a 1993 Geo Metro that ran like a scalded dog at 1st but now is spitting and sputtering in the 1st 3 gears, losing power climbing hills and "NO" more 50 mpg. Timing chain, plugs, wires changed twice, timing light puchased and timing set and a part on the firewall having something to do with the ignition changed, to no avail. Out of ideas, out of money, and nearly out of my mind. Any suggestions? Old Girl
Old Girl
April 9, 2011.

Try checking the exhaust system for restriction-could be a partially clogged catalytic converter, also the throttle position and manifold absolute pressure sensor-to include a fuel pressure check-

Apr 10, 2011.