1992 Toyota Landcruiser • 255,000 miles

My cruiser lacked power and had it services as well as the diesel pump reset. (80 series 4x4)
Day. And a have later the o/d off light starts flashing slowly and very dim.
Checked oil in transfer box and it is clean and fine.
December 25, 2012.

O/D OFF light blinking indicates a fault with the transmission system, not the transfer case. You need to retrieve the trouble codes to find out what is wrong.

TCM Codes

1. Turn ignition on. DO NOT start engine. Depress OD switch on shift lever to ON position.
2. Install jumper wire between terminals TT and E1 of DLC1 connector. See Fig. 4.
3. Note number of flashes from OD OFF light on instrument panel. If normal system operation exists, OD OFF light will flash once every.25 second. See Fig. 5.
4. If system is operating correctly and no code exists, turn ignition off and remove jumper wire.
5. If code exists, OD OFF light will blink once every.5 second. Number of flashes equals first digit of code. After a pause of 1.5 seconds, second digit will be displayed. See Fig. 6.
6. If more than one code exists, next code will be displayed after pause of 2.5 seconds. Smallest number code will display first and system will progress to largest code. Codes will be repeated.
7. Once code is obtained, determine probable cause and symptom. Turn ignition off and remove jumper wire.

NOTE: Codes can only be retrieved with OD switch on. If OD switch is off, OD OFF light will be on continuously and will not blink codes.
NOTE: Once repairs have been performed, codes must be cleared from TCM memory.

Dec 26, 2012.
Here are the trouble codes definition

Dec 26, 2012.