1992 Isuzu Trooper • 6 cylinder 4WD Manual • 279,000 miles

My trooper will not start. I can turn the key on and everything comes on. When I turn it to start the motor and press the clutch pedal the whole car goes dead, the stereo resets and the buzzer sounds like it's dying. Tried to jump it and that makes no difference. If I hold the key in the start position I can hear a relay clickin in my fuse panel but no start, no anything. Any ideas? Thank you for your support.
December 30, 2010.

That sounds like the starter is shorting out. You can trouble shoot by giving the starter a couple bangs with a tire rench. If that works, you need to repare or replace your starter.

Dec 31, 2010.
Check to make sure the battery terminals are clean and tight. It sounds like you are losing the connection under a heavy load. Remove the terminals, clean both the battery post and terminals. Also, make sure the ground to the engine block is tight and clean. Keep in mind, make sure the cables are in good condition.