1992 Honda Accord • 170 miles

I'm having an issue with my Honda and I have tried doing research but can't seem to find the right answer.

I have a 92 Honda Accord EX.

The D4 Error Code is showing most of the time I am driving, and I can only shift to 1st and 2nd gear. Though, sometimes as of late the D4 Code might turn off and it will shift normally between the gears (though a little rough) or the D4 Code will flash, but it will still shift the normally. When I turn the car of though, it usually goes back to the same issue as I first stated. The previous owner of the car replaced the TCU about 8 months ago and said it was working fine up until about 2 months ago.

Could it be the TCU again, or is there another problem that could be going on and how would I fix it?
November 29, 2012.

You need to retrive the trouble code to find out what is wrong.

Click above link to get the procedures for retrieving the trouble codes but read the flashing of the D4 instead of the Check Engine Light.

Nov 30, 2012.