1992 Ford Thunderbird • 150,000 miles

I am getting luke warm air from the heater, I just replaced the radiator and purged the air from the heater core, there are no coolant leaks and the system is full, no engine cooling issues. My thought is the blend door? I can get cold air however, when I move the slide to hot the air is luke warm. I checked the cable to the controller and it is connected, not sure how to find the other end or what I am looking for? Please help
Talley lee
November 1, 2012.

Feel the heater hoses to the core. Are they both the same temp? If one is hot and one cold, the heater core is clogged and needs to be flushed out


Thank you for the response, both hoses are hot and when I purged the heater core I had a great flow of coolant. I am guessing the problem is with the air mix door, if I slide temp to cold I get cold air when I slide to hot just luke warm air? I just about tore the dash apart but could not find or get to the end of the cable, any suggestions?

Talley lee
Nov 9, 2012.