1992 Chevrolet Van • 19,000 miles

I have a 92 chevy G 20 conversion van with a leaking wheel cylinder. The seal from the differential pours fluid out. How do I replace seal and take the axle out to replace the seal?

I was told I have to take the back axle off on each side to be able to take the old seal off and replace it with a new one. Is this correct? There are pins inside the axle housing that I have to take off once I have the housing off. I have to be careful not to do something or all the gears could fall out.

I was told to push each side in to get the axle off that has the leaking s eal. What is the best procedure? Trevor
December 24, 2011.

Yes, the cover comes off, the pin needs to be removed in the spider gears, the axles pushed in so the c clip falls off and then the axle comes out. i would bet there is a bearing and possible axle failure as well. examine the surface of the axle for ridges. a new seal will never work if there is bearing and axle damage.

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Dec 24, 2011.