1992 Chevrolet Astro • 262,326 miles

Hi I have a 92 astro awd it will not start without priming engine new parts pump, strainer, filter, air filter van has low power runns good to about 60 mph and acts as if fuel is out when I back off throttle runns good to 60 again
January 28, 2013.

Have you checked to make sure the pump is producing pressure that is within the manufacturer's specs? To me it sounds like you have what we call a lazy pump. It doesn't produce enough pressure to start but will keep the engine running once started.

No I havent checked the pressure to see what it is. The pump is fairly new within the last 6 months I did the replacements. What should I get for a reading autozone said the pump is the hi pressure one for the vortec about 90 psi is what I was told

TE Morrison Jr
Jan 29, 2013.