1992 Cadillac Fleetwood • 130,000 miles

My odometer, fuel gage and climate control is not working. Check fuse and they are okay
October 3, 2011.

If this is a digital dash it may be the dash is bad an dneeds to be redone. Normally places do this for about $150 price range but you have to take the dash out to them. Check the ground wires in dash

Oct 3, 2011.
You need to remove the a/c and fuel panels. Then unplug the connecter at the fuel panel. Does the a/c panel light up?If no plug the fuel panel back in. Then unplug the a/c panel. Does the fuel panel light up?If ether panel light up. You will have to replace the bcm. Sounds like youll need to replace the digital speedo head also.

Oct 4, 2011.