1992 Cadillac Deville • 104,000 miles

I've got a '92 Cadillac Deville 4.9 FWD that does not hold antifreeze when I try and fill the radiator- can't really see where the leak originates. The coolant seams to travel down the metal piping that starts under the water pump and runs under the engine - don't know if it's the line itself or originates someplace else. Can't get squeeze under the car to see and I don't have the equipment to lift the car up. Thanks for any info
November 16, 2012.

Look at the water pump where the belt is. You will probably see it leaking from behind the watecrankr pump pulley. You will need a pressure tester to find it easier. It usually leaks from the water pump pulling down on the crank pulley and Belt. You will see the belt has coolant all over it. Is this what you see?

Nov 16, 2012.
Thanks for the reply- sorry it's taken awhile to update the situation. Had a neighbor come over with a floor jack - the leak is actually in the hardline that comes off of the engine block and wraps around below the engine connecting to a short piece of hose that attaches to another hard line. We tried a temporary fix with a longer length of hose, but it still leaks although not as bad as before. What is this part called and how difficult is to replace? Thanks again for the info

Jan 16, 2013.
You'll need to go to the dealer. They will show you a blowup of that area you can point out what you need. It is a small piece of rubber hose what could that cost if it is a hard-line that shouldn't be that expensive. Just remove and replace it. You could go to the junkyard and pull one off another engine to put on yours also.

Jan 17, 2013.