1991 Toyota Previa • 32,900 miles

Replaced distributor cap and rotor button is getting fire to the plugs but won't start I'm pretty sure that the plug wires are in the right places I'm pretty sure that the plug wires are the correct places is there a reset or what wh on this fire in your butt is getting fire it just won't startat plug wire goes where or do I need to reset the brain box I'm sure that the wiring is right on the plugs to distributor it just will not start up
Chuck Cartwright
March 1, 2013.

This is a new phone all I did was replaced a rotor cap and the new button and replace the wires and it won't start seems to be getting fire to t
he plugs

Chuck Cartwright
Mar 1, 2013.
Are you getting fuel to the fuel rails?
Did you try starting fluids?

Mar 1, 2013.