1991 Mitsubishi Magna • 140,000 miles

TR magna. Seems to be at a certain rev range 3000> 3500 that you can feel a vibration in the car, through the steering wheel but also beneath you as a passenger. Transmission has been replaced but the same problem occurs. If you accelerate lightly the vibration is still there but not as strong. Revving the engine in nuetral cannot reproduce the vibration, it only happens when accelerating and in each gear.
Any ideas? Everything points to a trans issue but since it was replaced, now not so sure.
Thanks in advance.
December 7, 2012.

Check the axle shaft inner joints. Worn joints or lack of lubrication can cause vibrations but if the vibration is rpm related, it should be from the engine. Which engine do you have and when was the timing belt replaced?

Dec 7, 2012.
Thanks for your reply. We had someone else look over the problem and yes they were confident that it was an engine problem too. We ended up replacing all the spark plugs and engine leads as they were still the original ones from factory and the car is now running smoothly.

Dec 9, 2012.
Glad to know the problem has been resolved.

Have a nice day.

Dec 10, 2012.