1991 Mitsubishi Eclipse • 93,500 miles

Car was driven 22 miles in 6 week period with sitting last 31/2 weeks. It started right up and I let it warm up 5 minutes. Drove 300 yds and stalled. Seemed as no gas getting to carb, checked fuel filter and pump. OK Can drive but extremely slow from stop, will pick up speed then decelerate when step on gas. Will pu speed by feathering gas pedal to slowly speed up. Drove 50 miles on freeway to "blow out" crud but no help. Will lose power at 65 when going up small hill and when downshift will backfire. Filled tank with premium and stp gas treatment and no difference. Where to start?
October 18, 2012.

Check engine light is it coming on and when was last tune-up? Start by checking the fuel pressure with a fuel pressure tester, no eyeball or thumb method,also exhaust for restriction-need actual pressure before we can continue, also refer to these links:, and

Oct 18, 2012.