1991 Mercury Cougar • 6 cylinder 2WD Automatic • 160,000 miles

I have a 1991 Mercury Cougar Coupe with the 3.8 V6 and underneath the passenger side of the car are three metal fuel lines one of which connects to the fuel filter (I assume?) Through about 10 inches of rubber tubing with a clip at the end. My problem is that the fuel line is torn and so far I've bought three of nearly the same part trying to get it to work but on two of them the rubber tubing was too big while the clip size was right but on the other the clip was too big and the tubing looked right. I do not know which part I am looking for so I guess my question is which one of the quick connect lines is it?
December 15, 2010.

This is high pressure fuel line. You can't simply splice rubber line into it. Many of them are now using vinyl line that is molded on to fittings. I suggest you get this looked at by a professional before you have a very big bonfire.

Dec 18, 2010.