1991 Honda Civic • 250,000 miles

I just bought a car from this guy. And he said his girlfriend tried to burnout. And its a cable driven clutch, while the car is on I can go through gears with no clutch and it wont stall or anything. But if my clutch is pressed in. I cant go into ANY gear. And when I try to reverse it grinds a little bit.
October 6, 2013.

Are you saying you can shift into 1st gear with no clutch and the car won't stall? Does it move in any of the gears?

Any gear yes. But if the clutch I pressed I cant go into any.

Oct 6, 2013.
Check clutch linkage to make sure nothing is broken. As far as the clutch not working, she had to blow apart the pressure plate. That is my GUESS at this point.