1991 Acura Integra • 151 miles

Hello I have a 1991 acura integra gs and I am having a problem with it staying on. It runs for a while then it starts studdering and eventually dies out and wont start till it cools down I am unable to get any codes out of it. I changed spark plugs ignition control moduel and ignition rotor, and main relay was rz-0067 now rz-0063 also has spark at wires any idea what could be causing this?
August 6, 2012.

You need to find out what is missing when it fails to start.

The above link shows you what to look for.

Aug 6, 2012.
Sounds like the fuel pump could be locking up. When the car dies check for fuel pressure.

I checked the fuel by loosening the fuel filter and I had fuel coming up to the engine but ill check the pressure and see.

Aug 8, 2012.
Did you check for fuel during a no start condition?

Yes I checked it during the no start condition. Once its started and has been on for about 10 min or 15 min it starts sputtering but its not miss firing that's what gets me.

Aug 9, 2012.
Have you checked the fuel pressure yet? Where the parts you replaced new or used?

When engine fails to start, turn ignition switch on and monitor to see if the MIL goes off after 2 seconds.

Aug 11, 2012.
I had a similar problem once, turned out to be a small crack in the distributor cap. When the engine heated up, the plastic cap would expand and cause the points to become misaligned and the it would sputter to a stop. Once the engine cooled, the cap returned to its original shape and it would start right back up and run until it got hot again.

Aug 16, 2012.
The points are mounted to a plate in the distributor itself, not on the cap. The crack in the cap was causing arcing.

Like the other experts here, my money is on a fuel pressure issue. You need to actually check the pressure at the regulator. Not loosen a fitting and see if gas comes out. You need to see what sort of pressure is being developed when cold and when hot. If the pressure is too low, when the engine compartment warms up, the fuel in the lines will boil and cause it to sputter and die.

Sep 7, 2012.