1990 Toyota Supra • 200,150 miles

My car has oil on the spark plugs whenever I remove them. I have the 7mgte engine and its the sparkplugs that are connected to the motor not the electrical wires. I also have some sort of super charger wine coming out of my car in low gears and my car also runs out of power, for example ill be driving in first and as soon as I hit 1500 rpms it starts slowing down and when I floor it it wont receive any power until like 2 seconds of pounding on the gas. Yes my supra is 5 speed turbo. Please any tips id appreciate thanks
November 3, 2012.

If the oil is on the out side of the plug it is the valve cover gasket. If they are oily on the terminal end in the motor you could have leaking valve stem seals, a bad head gasket gasket or the piston rings are letting oil by.
As far as the performance, I would get the fuel pressure tested.